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Panasonic Oral Irrigator Water Flosser Review

Panasonic EW1211W Dental Care Cordless Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

Review Summary: Panasonic EW1211W

With three modes and a user-friendly interface, this oral irrigator is definitely a must-have. The water jet effectively removes food debris and even tiny particles, giving you a clean feeling that previously you’ve only had after the dentist – and a huge bill!

With two nozzles included, you won’t need to buy a spare for a long time and the tidy stand charges without you needing to do anything. Easy to refill, easy to use and generally easy, easy, easy. This is a great tool!


  • 3 modes including a soothing massage mode
  • Easy to charge and can be left on the stand
  • Waterproof and bathroom safe
  • Fast to refill with water
  • Gives you a very clean mouth


  • Expensive compared to floss (but easier and arguably more effective)
  • It’s chunky to hold, especially for those with small hands

In-Depth Review

About the Brand

Panasonic Logo

Although Panasonic is older, Panasonic UK launched in 1972 and took the nation by storm. Focused on providing wide ranges of home appliances to the average person, Panasonic products are affordable, easy to use and on the leading edge of technology.

What does the Panasonic EW1211W come with?

  • 1 x Oral irrigator
  • 2x Nozzles
  • 1 x Charger (2 pin shaver plug)

A Soothing and Effective Gum Cleaner

Panasonic Oral Irrigator Illustration

Using water jets and air, the Panasonic Oral Irrigator will make it easy to clean between your teeth

Getting to every nook and cranny in your mouth is hard. In fact, even with floss it’s almost impossible.

That means plaque build-up, gum disease and overall an unhappy mouth and gums. But it’s vital for your oral health that you do get rid of every last scrap of food between your teeth and along your gumline. How?

Panasonic’s new oral irrigator, that’s how.

Using water jets and air, it’s easy to clean gums and in between your teeth at the touch of a button. It even feels pretty nice!

Removes bacteria and prevents plaque build-up

With a 130ml water tank in-built to the handle, the EW1211W Oral Irrigator allows you to fire a slim-line water jet between your teeth to remove trapped food and bacteria.

The water tank lasts for 35 seconds on continuously jet and takes just seconds to refill. This jet mode is extremely effective at removing all debris without damaging gums.

Panasonic Water Flosser Reservoir

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Massages gums and rinses thoroughly with different modes

This irrigator has three modes;

Jet mode (mentioned above) – using water jets to remove trapped food and debris

Air In mode – massages gums and rinses between the teeth to remove any last traces of particles

Soft Air In mode – massages gums for a soothed and healthy mouth

Water and air mix for a complete gum massage

Rechargeable water wonder


The Air In and Soft Air In settings both provide massages to the gums. By mixing water and air, this soothing, non-aggressive massage helps promote gum health and good circulation.

Suitable for braces, fillings, bridges and other dental work

Because only water and air is used in the Panasonic Irrigator, no damage or dislodging of dental work will occur.

In fact, the water jet is highly adept at cleaning braces and other oral implants quickly and thoroughly. This nifty device even works very well on dentures!

Rechargeable and safe for bathroom storage

Panasonic EW1211W Oral Irrigator Charging Station

The Panasonic EW1211W Oral Irrigator Charging Station also has space for holding a spare nozzle.

This is designed to remain in the bathroom and comes with a neat stand to keep it in one place. With two identical nozzles included, you can share this device with a partner or keep the second nozzle as a spare in the stand.

Not just a handy stand, this section is also the charger. With no contacts, the charging stand is completely safe from water spray and suitable for family bathrooms.

No complex instructions, just simple and easy buttons

With two large rubber buttons and lights to indicate the mode, using this oral irrigator couldn’t be easier.


Simply remove the device from the stand


Select mode


Press the top button to start

Using the Panasonic Oral Irrigator

The Panasonic Oral Irrigator is really easy to use.

The new essential part of your daily routine

Oral health is very important because it’s directly related to how long our teeth will last and how good they look. Tooth brushing is critical but it’s simply not enough.

With the addition of oral irrigation to your daily routine, you’ll impress your dentist every visit and you’ll feel more confident in your smile.

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Panasonic EW1211W Dental Care Cordless Rechargeable Oral Irrigator
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