AirFloss vs Waterpik

AirFloss Vs Waterpik

Which water flosser should you buy today?

Philips Sonicare AirFloss

Comfortable and quick to use


Extensive settings and a large reservoir

Airfloss vs. Waterpik® you ask. What is this, some type of Pokémon battle?

Unfortunately no. These are the names of two of the most successful water flosser ranges on the market right now.

Why do YOU need a water flosser?

Do you floss every day with string floss?

Do you really?

Not only is traditional string floss fiddly, difficult, time-consuming and pretty yawn-inducing, it’s not even as effective as high powered water flossing.

Waterpik® believe in their oral irrigation products so much that they say:

If you purchase a Waterpik®Water Flosser and don't feel it's improved your gum health, we will refund your money - no questions asked.


Who ARE these people?


Waterpik®: A surprisingly old company that has previously provided oral irrigation products for professional dentists. They’ve been operating in the domestic market since around 2005.


A range from Philips, one of the world’s most trusted appliance companies although far from specialists like Waterpik®.

Buy just one product for years of improved health and happier smiles

The great thing about water flossers is that not only are they very fast to use – both AirFloss and Waterpik® complete the job in under 60 seconds – but they’re also complete by themselves. You don’t need to keep buying more things.

From a long-term usage point of view, Waterpik® do have the advantage.

Waterpik WP660 Ultra Professional Water Flosser


  • All Waterpik® devices come with multiple nozzles, some have 7! This means that each head gets less wear then if it only had one.
  • Most Waterpik® devices are corded, which means there are no in-built rechargeable batteries to fail.
Philips Sonicare AirFloss Rechargeable Power Flosser


  • Only one active product in the range at a time that gets updated occasionally.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries will eventually fail and aren’t replaceable – this means buying a new device – although this gives an opportunity to get an updated version.

Faster and easier than traditional floss

It takes serious dedication and a discipline of steel to use string floss every single day. Sure you do it right after you’ve been to the dentist but how about a month after? Every day?

String floss is straight-up hard to use but water flossing brings an end to that part of your supposed daily routine.

Both Waterpiks and AirFloss devices are considerably easier to use than string floss.

89% of occasional string flossers said that the AirFloss was easier than traditional floss according to one US study.

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And you know what easier means? It means that you’ll actually use it.

You’re a busy person and both AirFloss and Waterpik® devices will save you A LOT of time.

Free and Cordless or Efficient and Corded?

One of the major differences between water flossers is whether they are cordless or not.

AirFloss only makes cordless devices and because they’re handheld, they have smaller reservoirs that last for less time. To get around your whole mouth, you’ll probably need to refill the reservoir at least once. That’s super fast to do thanks to the new larger water opening.

Waterpik® have a full range of products and so you can choose between cordless and corded.

Waterpik Corded

  • Much larger reservoir to do mouth in one go
  • Excellent storage inside unit for extra nozzles that come with the devices
  • Plugs into the wall so never runs out of battery
  • Takes up quite a bit of room

Waterpik Cordless

  • Smaller reservoir – might need topping up
  • Limited battery life and will need recharging every fortnight depending on use
  • Small and neat

Modes, Settings and Nozzles – the Fancy Stuff


Philips Sonicare AirFloss comes with a single nozzle. This means you won’t be able to share one device with a partner without sharing a nozzle, or buying an additional nozzle pack .

Waterpik® outshines AirFloss in this department by a mile.

With up to 7 nozzles for their devices, you’ll find yourself with a nozzle for every occasion, including tongue scrapers, plaque busters and gum massagers.

This is excellent value for money – but, will you really bother changing over nozzles several times during a session?

The AirFloss has one very effective nozzle and is fuss-free.


The new AirFloss Pro has three modes: Single, Double and Triple bursts. These modes allow you to shoot different amounts of bursts between your teeth and around the gum line.

The Waterpiks have less in the way of modes, although a couple of the models have pulsing modes and massage modes. Often you can press a button for water jets or hold it down for continuous water.


Simple to use, the AirFloss just has its three modes and the go button.

Waterpiks in contrast have excellent water pressure settings. The corded versions have up to 10 pressure settings and the corded version has 2. This is ideal for those who have sensitive gums or dental work as you can control the power of the water jets.

What do other people say?

We’ve asked around, read around and looked around and this is what other people are saying:

A high quantity of faulty devices but good customer service. When your AirFloss works, it works very well.

Reports of some models being delivered with European plugs and not UK shaver plugs. This may depend on where you buy from but an adapter would sort the issue. Generally fantastic machines with a great range of nozzle tools that will give you an exceptionally clean feeling mouth.

How to Choose the Right Water Flosser For You:


Q: Do you want something cordless even if it means more regular filling?

YES! – The AirFloss is a great cordless option that is exceptionally easy to use.

NAH! – Not fussed about cords or want something you never have to recharge? The Waterpik® corded versions are for you. Try the WP660 or the WP120


Q: Do you have dental work or sensitive gums?

YES! – The Waterpik® corded machines have 10 water pressure settings which are perfect for you.

NAH! – Both AirFloss and Waterpik® are great. Go for Waterpik® if you like more controls and settings.


Q: Do you value your dental health over an extra ten minutes in front of the TV?

YES! – The Waterpik® is ideal for you because you can change the nozzles for the best and most in-depth clean for different sections of tooth and gums.

NAH! – The AirFloss is straightforward and you can do your whole mouth at the touch of one button in less than 60 seconds.

We hope you enjoy your new Water Flosser and we look forward to seeing your brighter, healthier smile around town!

Philips Sonicare AirFloss

Comfortable and quick to use


Extensive settings and a large reservoir